APEX Band Challenges

APEX Fort Collins utilizes a progressive band system to monitor student abilities and guide students along an optimal training path by unlocking new classes and obstacles. Both of our parkour programs (Obstacle and Acro) have a band system that students work their way through; each successive band requiring higher level skills and dedication to complete.

Interested in taking a Band Challenge? Speak with your parkour coach to see if you ready!

Band Challenge Schedule - 2018


Emails will be sent prior to date of test.

Quarter 2:

April 14th - Tree (Ages 8+)

April 28th - Earth (Ages 6+)

May 19th - Lunar (Ages 8+)

June 23rd - Comet (Ages 8+)

June 30th - New Terra & Orbit Program Party!! (Formerly Obstacle & Acro) 

- We will be testing the first bands for Terra and Orbit (Carbon and Comet)

- There will be a small party for trading out old Obstacle bands for their Terra equivilant.

- Details to be emailed soon! 


Quarter 3:

July 28th -  Steel (Ages 8+)



Parkour Obstacle Band Challenges:

Earth Band (10 Level 1 Classes Needed)

The Earth Band is a student's first step into the world of parkour training. It shows they have a clear understanding of the principles of safe training and firmly grounded in the fundamentals of our practice.

Tree Band (20 Level 1 Classes Needed)

This band signifies that the student has solid roots in the fundamentals and is beginning to reach for higher levels. Students are allowed into our more advanced classes (labeled Tree+).

Water Band (10 Level 2 Classes Needed)

Water is fluid and adaptive. Students who earn their water band learn to adapt to the many challenges presented before them. They may slow, they may speed up, but they do not stop entirely.

Cloud Band

Earning this band shows that the student has consistently risen to new challenges and pursued advanced skills without compromising technique and longevity.

Fire Band

Students with the Fire band embody the intensity of parkour training. These students are relentless in their practice and ignite a passion in fellow students with their fervor. 

Lightning Band

This is where our fastest and most dynamic students are.

This challenge requires participants to perform near flawlessly during one of our most demanding courses yet. Speed is a large factor in training for this challenge, but students most also be accurate and powerful at all heights.


Comet Band Challenge


Comet is the first band of our Acro program.  Students in our Acro program are looking to express their style and individual strengths through kicking, flipping and twisting. 

In the challenge students will demo their Acro skills and combinations. These combinations will show off their strengths and style. 

Comet challenge will include combos of basics such as:

Cartwheels, Cartkicks and Scoots

Roundhouse, Hook, Tornado and Butterfly Kicks

Forward and Backward Sweeps

Dive Rolls and 360 Broad Jumps

Palm Spins and Box Cartwheels

Style Transitions

Lunar Band Logo.png

Lunar Band Challenge

Lunar Challenge will build upon the students fundamentals in Comet by adding more inversions and rotations into their tricks. 

Students will need to demonstrate more advanced kicking techniques, complex transitions and flips off of the Airtrack.

Narabong (Tornado - Hook)

Butterknife (Butterfly w/ Hook)


Pop 180 Crescent

Master Scoot (Two Handed Scoot)

Tsunami (Step over Hook)


Palm Spin (Slanted Wall)

Wall 540

Front Flip off AirTrick (8” Mat)

Side Flip off of AirTrick (Over blue spotting block with 8” Mat)

Dive Roll Over Vault (8” Mat)


Nova Band Logo.png

Nova Band Challenge

Nova band is where our Acro students start to show flare in their abilities.

Combinations and skills deal with full inversions and complete twists. Landing techniques with solid footing and the ability to continue into more powerful and explosive moves is necessary!


Kick the Moon/Gainer Flash

Raiz or Variation

Cheat 720


Backside 900

One Full Twisting Power Move

Scoot > Pop / Swing (Flip)

Punch Front and Side Flip off of Circle / Plyo

Wall Flip off of Slant Wall (Padded)

Backflip or variation

Double Kong

Webster off box