Band Challenge Schedule - Q1, 2018

Happy New Year! & Welcome to 2018 

Here's our tentative band challenge schedule for the first quarter of 2018. All dates are subject to change; we will send out emails two weeks before the official date of tests.

January 20th - Lunar / Nova (All Ages)

February 3rd - Cloud (Teen) / Tree (All Ages)

February 24th - Earth (All Ages)

March 10th - Nova / Comet (All Ages)

Questions about the challenges? Feel free to contact us here.

2649 E. Mulberry Street, Unit 26 & 27,

Fort Collins, CO 80525



Ninja Warrior & Parkour: The Best Way to Train?

Got an aspiring ninja warrior? Want to be one yourself? 

The best place to train may be closer than you think! 

Climbing, swinging, running up walls, running across precarious ledges and unstable surfaces are all elements of the American Ninja Warrior course - essential skills that athletes need in order to have a chance at completing the course.

That's not a small list of things! Where to start, right? Some of these skills can takes months (some, even years!) of practice to get right and if you don't have the necessary equipment it can be twice as hard.

Parkour is the sport, practice, and study of

overcoming obstacles with efficiency and speed.

Fortunately, there's a place to practice that may be pretty close to you! Enter parkour gyms. What's parkour? Put simply, parkour is the sport, practice, and study of overcoming all obstacles with efficiency and speed. APEX is the nation's largest network of parkour gyms - with 4 gyms in Colorado, alone. That makes training at APEX the perfect fit for ninja warrior training. Some of the best athletes on the show have been parkour athletes and Wolfpack Ninja athletes like Brian Arnold, regularly train at APEX Denver, a parkour gym.

Parkour gyms are always equipped with everything necessary to be successful at ninja warrior. Walls for scaling, bars for balance training, hanging and swinging practice, climbing challenges for grip strength, and the most important part - coaches who know the best way to train these things. The coaches in these gyms are trained to teach a sport that is (literally) designed around obstacle based training. They have knowledge and the facility perfectly designed to set-up challenges and obstacles that are scaled to your specific abilities. 

That pesky warped wall? Way easier when you can already run up a 12' flat wall. 
Swinging challenges? No problem when you can swing like a gibbon.

Check out this awesome podcast from the Wolfpack Ninjas with parkour professional Jesse La Flair on how they've trained parkour to help them!

Want to get started? APEX Fort Collins offers a FREE intro class for ages 8 and up! You can see all the details, right here!

2649 E. Mulberry Street, Suite 26 & 27,

Fort Collins, CO 80525

Fort Collins Open 2016 (Details!)

Are you ready?

It's time for our annual parkour comp and we're stoked to see the what our local athletes can do! 

Just like last year, we'll have two divisions for competitors: Open and Pro

All athletes will complete a qualifying course to determine their division. The fastest 10 athletes will be sorted in the Pro Division. The bottom 20 athletes will be sorted into the Open Division.

Open Division athletes will compete on a single course, with two attempts each. After explanation of the rules and course guides, athletes will have limited time to practice before being randomly sorted for their runs.

Pro Division athletes will compete on two separate courses of varying length, with a single attempt per course. After explanation of the rules and course guides, athletes will have limited time to practice before being randomly sorted for their runs.

Qualifiers: (Athletes must be 13 years or older)

Saturday. December 3rd 2016

  • Check-in @ 3:30pm
  • Starts @ 4:00pm

Open Division 

Sunday, December 4th 2016

  • Check-in @ 11:30am
  • Starts @ 12:00pm 

Pro Division

Sunday, December 4th 2016

  • Check-in @ 2:00pm
  • Starts @ 2:30pm

Athletes can register beforehand here: purchase link

Spectators can purchase tickets here: purchase link

1st Annual - Fort Collins Parkour Open

Wow. What a blast!

We are shocked and flattered by the reception we received at this event. What began as a whim, turned into 25 athletes, from ages 13 to 33, qualifying for our Open and Pro divisions (13 athletes competing in the Open Division and 12 athletes competing in the Pro Division). So thank you, athletes!

Overall, the event went off with very little hiccups and I'm excited to see what we drum up next year! Now: onto the stats. 


For our qualifying round we saw Dante Grazioli and Ross Allen from AM Colorado Springs take the 1st and 2nd place, respectively, and a local Evan Busnardo take 3rd. The time separating them being less than 0.2 of a second. 


The open division represents the lower 13 times from our qualifiers. Athletes were given two different courses, and six minutes in small groups to practice each course before running it. We scored the finalists based on the average of their two courses. 

Our top three were: Travis Lee, EJ Woodham, and Logan Lay


Our heavy hitters for this competition, the top 12 athletes from the qualifiers competed in the Pro Division. Just like the Open, athletes had two courses and were given 10 minutes in small groups to practice each before their run. 

Our top three were: Dante Grazioli (1st), Ross Allen (2nd), Justin Clark (3rd)

That's it, folks. See you next year for the 2016 AMFC Parkour Open!

- Jesse A. Clark