Getting Started

1. Take a FREE Class

The best way to find out if parkour is for you is to try it! Let us show you our facility and guide you through a few fundamental parkour skills. You don't have to be a fitness warrior to try and all ages are welcome. 

All you need to do is register for the next class and show up!

- OR - 

2. Choose your membership!

After your free class, purchase your membership!

Choose your preferred membership level. Start with the age of the participant, and then choose how often you liked to attend! Currently we have two options for new members: 1 Class per Week or 2 Classes per Week.

* All memberships are 3-Month agreements for new students.

3. Pick Your Classes

To ensure coaching quality, we manage attendance by having you reserve a specific class(es) to attend each week. Naturally, for the 1x per Week membership, you'll choose a single class, Obstacle or Acro. For the 2x per Week, you can choose up to two classes.

Once you have your selections in mind, send us an email, we'll confirm availability and give you the thumbs up!

Most people begin taking a single class per week and add additional classes as they advance. Additional classes are encouraged!

Additional Classes:

  • Parkour Obstacle / Youth & Teen
  • Parkour Acro / Martial Arts Tricking
  • Parkour Littles, ages 4-6
  • Parkour Juniors, ages 6-8
  • Parkour Adults

4. Gear Up!

No equipment required to get started but if you're looking for some gear to get the most out of your practice, you can check out our online pro shop (currently undergoing maintenance!) or shop our gear in-house at the gym!