Parkour Littles

Ages 4-6 years old

   Our Parkour Littles program focuses on taking the big energy in 4-6 year olds and channeling it into basic skills.  Balance, coordination, and body awareness are developed through the use of parkour games, obstacle courses and skill instruction.  Kids love to move and here they will get the chance to crawl like bears, hang like sloths, roll like armadillos, and play in the APEX jungle. 

Kids find these things fun and natural and won’t even realize that they are developing skills that will help them maintain healthy bodies and great mobility.

Parents are encouraged to participate!  While not required, parents are welcome to join in and move with their kids. Mobility is key to a healthy body at any age and having a kid is the best excuse to act like a monkey.    

9:30am - 10:15am



4 Classes per Punch Card

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