Terra & Orbit Challenges


APEX Fort Collins athletes follow programming tied to physical performance.  We have created obstacle challenges to demonstrate their progress.  

It's taken us years to refine our progressive band challenges.  We can now be the best to guide students along their path towards growth.


Our parkour programs, Terra and Orbit, introduce challenges that students prepare, and complete with their friends and coaches. 


Each challenge has a skills focus linked to our curriculum.  After completing the required number of classes and with coach approval students show off their skills on an obstacle course designed for their skill level.   


Completing challenges unlocks new skills and access to higher level classes. 


Speak with your parkour coach to see what challenge you should be working towards!

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Questions about the challenges, message us HERE.

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  Water Band (10 Level 2 Classes Needed)   Water is fluid and adaptive. Students who earn their water band learn to adapt to the many challenges presented before them. They may slow, they may speed up, but they do not stop entirely.
  Cloud Band   Earning this band shows that the student has consistently risen to new challenges and pursued advanced skills without compromising technique and longevity.
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