1st Annual - Fort Collins Parkour Open

Wow. What a blast!

We are shocked and flattered by the reception we received at this event. What began as a whim, turned into 25 athletes, from ages 13 to 33, qualifying for our Open and Pro divisions (13 athletes competing in the Open Division and 12 athletes competing in the Pro Division). So thank you, athletes!

Overall, the event went off with very little hiccups and I'm excited to see what we drum up next year! Now: onto the stats. 


For our qualifying round we saw Dante Grazioli and Ross Allen from AM Colorado Springs take the 1st and 2nd place, respectively, and a local Evan Busnardo take 3rd. The time separating them being less than 0.2 of a second. 


The open division represents the lower 13 times from our qualifiers. Athletes were given two different courses, and six minutes in small groups to practice each course before running it. We scored the finalists based on the average of their two courses. 

Our top three were: Travis Lee, EJ Woodham, and Logan Lay


Our heavy hitters for this competition, the top 12 athletes from the qualifiers competed in the Pro Division. Just like the Open, athletes had two courses and were given 10 minutes in small groups to practice each before their run. 

Our top three were: Dante Grazioli (1st), Ross Allen (2nd), Justin Clark (3rd)

That's it, folks. See you next year for the 2016 AMFC Parkour Open!

- Jesse A. Clark