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Ninja Warrior & Parkour: The Best Way to Train?

Got an aspiring ninja warrior? Want to be one yourself? 

The best place to train may be closer than you think! 

Climbing, swinging, running up walls, running across precarious ledges and unstable surfaces are all elements of the American Ninja Warrior course - essential skills that athletes need in order to have a chance at completing the course.

That's not a small list of things! Where to start, right? Some of these skills can takes months (some, even years!) of practice to get right and if you don't have the necessary equipment it can be twice as hard.

Parkour is the sport, practice, and study of

overcoming obstacles with efficiency and speed.

Fortunately, there's a place to practice that may be pretty close to you! Enter parkour gyms. What's parkour? Put simply, parkour is the sport, practice, and study of overcoming all obstacles with efficiency and speed. APEX is the nation's largest network of parkour gyms - with 4 gyms in Colorado, alone. That makes training at APEX the perfect fit for ninja warrior training. Some of the best athletes on the show have been parkour athletes and Wolfpack Ninja athletes like Brian Arnold, regularly train at APEX Denver, a parkour gym.

Parkour gyms are always equipped with everything necessary to be successful at ninja warrior. Walls for scaling, bars for balance training, hanging and swinging practice, climbing challenges for grip strength, and the most important part - coaches who know the best way to train these things. The coaches in these gyms are trained to teach a sport that is (literally) designed around obstacle based training. They have knowledge and the facility perfectly designed to set-up challenges and obstacles that are scaled to your specific abilities. 

That pesky warped wall? Way easier when you can already run up a 12' flat wall. 
Swinging challenges? No problem when you can swing like a gibbon.

Check out this awesome podcast from the Wolfpack Ninjas with parkour professional Jesse La Flair on how they've trained parkour to help them!

Want to get started? APEX Fort Collins offers a FREE intro class for ages 8 and up! You can see all the details, right here!

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