How do I get started? 

Pretty easy! Check out our step-by-step guide right here!

Which program do I start with? Acro or Obstacle?

Totally up to you! We know that's an oracular answer but both programs are entry level and designed for beginners. It's a matter of preference, do you (or your child) prefer obstacle-based challenges (Terra) or aesthetics and flips (Orbit)? Both are highly complementary and it's not unusual for intermediate students to take classes in each.

What does billing look like?

For new students, the initial agreement is four (4) consecutive months of membership (called a 'session'). The session can be paid in full at the start, or auto-paid via card each month, starting on the date of first attendance. When the first session ends, membership automatically renews to the alumni monthly membership to maintain a student's reserved spots.

What about absences like sickness and vacation?

For short term absences (one week or less) we let you schedule a make-up class. Either before or after your absence, you can add additional classes to make up for the missed classes. To request a make-up class, simply submit your request here and we'll confirm with you within 48 hours.

What's the refund/cancellation policy?

New students: to be eligible for a full refund the cancellation must be requested via email and subsequent forms submitted within the first week of the session start. Outside of the first week, the student must complete the entire 3-month session. Remember: we do offer membership holds if it's a temporary schedule issue!

For students outside of the initial session, cancellation must be requested via email, and subsequent forms submitted before the payment due date. No refunds will be provided for any membership drops requested after the payment date, but we may provide account credit.