Our story begins with three partners and a shared vision to inspire people through movement. Not a metaphorical movement, real physical activity; movement that our modern culture has forgotten almost completely. We set out to build a facility that would act as a base for re-integrating natural movement into our modern era. This movement is Parkour, and that facility is APEX Movement Fort Collins.

Busy lives and the abuse of technology has made even the young and energetic more sedentary than ever. Public parks are only getting emptier and exercise is becoming more a chore than a critical life skill. We believe humans were meant for more. Exercise and fitness are a biproduct of physical play.

We believe humans to be highly active generalists who can run, jump, and play for their entire life - not just when they're young. If we as a culture don't recognize this perspective, we risk our future health and happiness.

Our mission is to inspire this generation to, literally, move forward, and to keep prior generations forever young through the training of parkour.